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From: Darren Evans-Young <>
Subject: Re: lactic acid treatment of sparge water
Date: 1992-07-02 19:28:05 GMT

On Wed, 1 Jul 92 10:31:03 -0600 you said:
>could you please expound upon your lactic acid treatment of
>your sparge water? Is it similiar to Miller's treatment?
>Specifically, how much lactic acid do you add, what is the
>initial percentage of your lactic acid, and, most importantly,
>where do you get food grade lactic acid?
>Jon Binkley

Yes, it is Miller's treatment. I use food grade lactic acid to
get my sparge water down to the proper pH. I got my lactic acid
at Greater Fermentations of Santa Rosa. I forget what percentage
the acid is. It is strong stuff!!!! I doesnt take much to do the job.
What I do is mixed 1/2 tsp of lactic acid in 1 Cup of preboiled water.
Usually 4-5 tablespoons of this mixture will get my pH down to 5.7.
This is for 5 gallons of sparge water. When I first got the acid,
I ignorantly added 1/2 tsp directly to the sparge water. It brought
the pH down to 3.2! So dont make that mistake. Start with a very
small amount and work your way up.


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