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Date: 1992-07-05 21:08:47 GMT

Persons of discriminating taste,

I've been reading this magazine for almost two years now, without
contributing any words of my own. I have controlled myself, because
all I really have to offer are some recipes, and everyone always
has enough recipes already. But I can't resist contributing these

The first, in response to the recent popularity of Weis beer, is
a recipe of my own. It is not as heavy as the German varieties,
and does not have the clove-like taste: instead, I made it in
pursuit of the taste of Grant's Weis Beer, which is much paler,
and lighter of body; with a hoppier aroma; and drier, but not
bitter, to the taste.

Hefeweizen, for 5 gal:

5# wheat
3# 6 row lager
1 oz Tettnang (45 min before end of boil - alpha 4.7%)
1/2 oz Saaz (25 min - 3.8% alpha)
1/2 oz Saaz (10 min - 3.8% alpha)
Wyeast 1056 ("American Ale")

Mash in 11 qts and protein rest 30 min @ 130 F
Starch conversion 90 min @ 149 F
Mash out and sparge 1 hr. @ 168 F
Boil 1 hr., adding hops as specified above.

Starting Gravity 1.042 @ 72 F

While I'm at it, I also want to offer this recipe. It is time to
start thinking about this Winter's beer, so here is a Scotch ale
recipe which yields, I think, superb beer.

for 5 gal.

9# pale ale
1# crystal
1# Munich
1/2# chocolate
1/2 oz. Bullion (60 min - 9% alpha)
2 oz. Fuggles (30 min - 4.5% alpha)
3/4 oz. Golding (10 min - 4.9% alpha)
1 tsp. Irish moss (30 min)
Whitbread or Wyeast 1007 ("German Ale")

Heat 14 qts for 140 F strike heat
Mash in, starch conversion 1 1/2 hr. @ 154 F
Mash out and sparge with 5 gal. @ 168 F
Boil1 1/2 hr., adding hops and Irish moss as scheduled above.

Starting Gravity 1.055 @ 72 F

I am very fond of both these styles, and should be pleased if
anyone would offer his own recipes. So much for my 15 minutes of
fame. Thanks.

P.S. nec parce cades tibi destinatis

Jed Parsons : Harpsichordist, Classicist, Homebrewer

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