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Subject: unknown
Date: 1992-07-06 10:03:21 GMT

Mark asks about:

>floating obnoxiously on the surface of my unfortunate mead is a layer of
>(for lack of a more poetic term) SCUM. A quick nasal scan shows that nothing
>smells afoul however.

If it started as a white film that gradually got thicker but still
white, it is probably Candida mycoderma. If so it has a nasty habit of
converting alcohol to CO2 and water. If caught early, little harm will be
done. Carefully remove as much scum as possible from the surface, siphon
(filtering is helpful) and treat at 50ppm with SO2 (If problems persist try
100ppm SO2). If you find sulphite undersirable, you need to find some other
way of knocking out the Candida, or bottle and drink it.

The problem if often associated with neglect, so, again, it is often
accompanied by oxidation and other related niceties. Good luck.


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