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From: (Sam Israelit)
Subject: Peach Weizen
Date: 1992-07-06 17:29:12 GMT

I was up until 1:30 this morning putting my attempt at a Peach Weizen
comfortably to bed. I used a modified version of the TCJOHB recipe for
weizen and 11 lbs of California white peaches (pitted and crushed with
skins). Ended up with an OG of 1.061 and the yeasts were frolicking wildly
by 7:30 this morning.

I plan to rack this hopeful brew after the primary and leave in the
secondary for roughly 2 weeks. I have two questions:

1). Is there any consensus as to whether there is a benefit to adding more
in the secondary?

2). I can get a jar of Widmer hefeweizen which has a large amount of yeast
in it. I have been told that they add their yeast as a second strain later
in the process. It is a more flocculent (Why does that word always bring
images of gaunt monks in cold-floored stone cells in the mountains?) strain
from what I have heard. I was wondering if I should try to form a starter
of this yeast from the dregs of a jar and pitch this with my brew. When do
I pitch the second strain? What are the advantages to this? Are there any
disadvantages? Is this a dumb idea all together?

Any and all coments will be summarized to the net. Thanks in advance for
any remotely constructive advice.

Sam Israelit
Engineer, Businessman, . . . Brewer
Portland, OR

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