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Subject: kegs
Date: 1992-07-06 19:40:00 GMT

I've picked up two ball lock soda kegs at the scrap yard for $3.00 ea.
and have some questions about cleaning, and the carbination in brew use.
1)When you place new gaskets in them do you need to take the ball lock
studs off and replace their gaskets?
2)Is soaking them in a TSP chloride solution sufficiant for cleaning, and
will that get out the soda taste?
3)How long (if #2 is correct) do I need to soak them to get rid of the
soda taste?
4)I've know that you need not to prime with corn sugar, hence the
carbonation is added thru the co2 tank. But would it not help get rid of
unwanted oxygen while aging?
5)After tapping how long will the beer stay good? Can you fill the keg
with co2 to make it last longer?(Oh, I forgot to mention I don't have the
facilitys to keep it cold after tapping.)
6)Sense the soda kegs take the beer from the bottom how much of the beer
will have the yeast in it?
7)Should I use some type of filter while racking into the keg? If so what
type of filter is easily used in home brewing, and how can you make sure of
sterilization? (I've thought of cheese cloth but have no clue on how tho
sterilize it.)
8)(this is'nt really a question I'd just like to get some feedback and
maybe some better Idias for cooling the beer to drink)
Ok, here is how I plan to cool it. I bought a 20 qt. cooler and 25 ft
of stainless steel tubing in a coil that sits inside the cooler.
The beer comes from the keg thru a plastic tube to the cooler into a
coupler shank into the stainless steel tubing into a faucet and shank set.
Wala! beer!
I figure 5 min after I place Ice on the coil I should have cold brew in
the mug. I'll use silcon to prevent leakage were I drill out the cooler.
I have ordered most of the equipment for this project for under $100.00
>From SuperiorProducts out of St.Paul Minn.(no affiliation)

Brian Carroll
3Com corp
Santa Clara, Ca

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