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Subject: Re: Dave Miller's New Book
Date: 1992-07-06 21:57:00 GMT

Norm Hardy asks about Miller's new book, "Brewing the
World's Great Beers". I've had my copy for almost a
week, but haven't had time to do any serious reading.
I've been too busy brewing to have time for reading.:-)

The book seems very approachable, in contrast to his
earlier book. He makes it very easy for the novice to
get started. The recipes start as all-extract using
dry yeast. They become extract with specialty grains
and liquid yeast, partial mash/extract/liquid yeast,
and finally all-grain/liquid yeast. Most of the recipes
are shown in all forms.

The book also covers such topics as wort chillers,
kegging, filters, and counter-pressure bottle fillers.

On the down side, the recipes call for specific yeasts,
but there is no discussion (that I've encountered yet)
on what to expect from various strains. That shouldn't
be too much of a problem, since that information is
available from Zymurgy (and was also covered in HBD #742
by Daniel L. Krus), but its always nice when somebody
includes everything you ever really need in a single

An advanced brewer may find some of the discussions
superficial, since Miller doesn't go into the chemistry
that you'll find in his early book (or many of the
technical books available). I would recommend the
book to novice and intermediate brewers because
of the breadth of information, put together in a
readable format.

Happy reading.

Charles Castellow

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