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Subject: Oats
Date: 1992-07-07 00:20:07 GMT

Subject: Oats Time:7:45 AM Date:7/7/92
Brian Cole talks about his failed attempt to use rolled oats:

>I included them in an extract-based recipe in the standard manner of adding
>them to the boil water as it was being heated. I was quite nervous (but not
>worried !) that they would turn into oatmeal... after cooling I could see >in
the wort very vicsous thick whitish trub that took many days to settle >out....
I was not too surprised to find what was basically oatmeal sans >oats.... In
addition, the head retention of my stout is pretty poor...

Well Brian you got just what you thought, oatmeal made with wort.

Oats are not the same as specialty malts like chocolate, black patent, or
roasted barley. Oats MUST BE MASHED otherwise all you get is starch in the
beer. In order for the starch to be available for the mashing the oats must be
cooked (like rice) hence the milling process. Either "rolled" or "steel-cut"
will work equally well if you mash them. Flaked barley is a similar animal and
must be treated the same way. Flaked wheat is also available from some shops,
works the same way.

Mini-mashing isn't hard, just take equal amounts of the oats and 2 or 6 row
malt and combine with about 1 qt. of water per lb. Bring this to 155 degrees
for an hour and then rough sparge into your extract through a colander or grain
bag with an amount of water equal to what you mashed with. By "rough" I mean
just a simple rinse, no recirculation or trickle since you are looking for the
oat character and not a significant yeild. Oats get pretty gummy so when in a 1
to 1 grain bed a stuck sparge is almost guaranteed.

Don't give up on them yet, just mash them next time!


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