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From: cjh@diaspar.HQ.Ileaf.COM (Chip Hitchcock)
Subject: Silicones, implants, and toxicity
Date: 1992-07-07 16:00:29 GMT

A key factor in the current fuss about silicone implants is that the
salesmen/demonstrators were specifically taught to conceal that the
envelopes leaked; the toxicity of implants relates substantially to the
effects of loose liquid silicone in contact with muscle or fatty tissue
for periods of several years. This is not likely to happen with anything
used to seal a brewing vessel rather than a brewer.
The relative internal toxicities of the liquids used in implants and
the solids used in caulking are also unclear.
Neither of these mean silicone caulks are \safe/, but the comparison
raised by Al Taylor may not be valid.
I would also be suspicious of aquarium caulks; standards for pets are
often looser than standards for people.
Tom Feller's post raises an idea: just as for large boiling kettles,
food-safe caulks (if they exist and whatever they're made of) should be
findable in cooking supply houses. Try your local yellow pages....

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