From the HBD Archive
From: (Brian Bliss)
Subject: silicone
Date: 1992-07-07 18:00:39 GMT

>There have been a number of post about using Silicon as a sealer for homebrew
>projects. Some folks have suggested using automotive silicon sealer because of
>temperature requirements, as a former auto mechanic I think this would be
>unwise. All of the automotive grade silicon sealers I have used have a high
>level of solvents in them. Granted, once they are dry they will hold up to
>almost anything, I would still be quite worried about contact with things I
>that I might eat or drink. Perhaps someone out there knows of a food grade
>silicon sealer which would have the same kind of properties but we would know it
>was safe for contract with food.

>Just a semi-amusing aside to the discussion on the "inertness" of silicone:
>About 20-25 years ago, the general consensus in the scientific community,
>allegedly in the know, that silicone was inert in breast implants and the
>like. Well, that turned out to be not quite true. However, as long as
>you don't use the beer exposed to silicone gel for cosmetic augmentation,
>you should be alright. :-)

A few months ago 60 minutes had an article on silicone cosmetic surgery.
Apparrently, many (so-called) doctors were basically taking a syringe full
of the (automotive) clear silicone RTV and injecting it directly into their
patients! Many of these patients needed extensive surgery to remove the
silicone after side effects showed up a few years later, and were left with
permanent scarring. I digress from brewing, so I'll shut up...


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