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From: (Jack Schmidling)
Subject: Silicone, Yeast
Date: 1992-07-07 13:32:00 GMT

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Fm: Jack Schmidling

>From: "Roger Deschner " <U52983@UICVM.UIC.EDU>
>Subject: Silicone Rubber Caulking in Mash Tun

>I'm about to use it, but I am going to be sure to find the variety which
claims to be OK for aquarium use.

>From: Nick Zentena <>
> So I guess the general concensus is that Silcone is
> 1) Reasonably inert chemically
> 2) Won't kill me?

I hate to throw cold water on this otherwise wonderful stuff but several
years ago there was TV news story about a whole family that got deathly sick
and I believe, at least one member died, resulting from the use of a GE
Silicone Sealer in a repair job on the dishwasher.

For some strange reason, little was made of it but be advised that an
aquarium is not a mash tun and heat has a profound effect on chemical
activity. I would not use that stuff on anything that gets anywhere near my

Ale yeast.....

Based on the accepted fact that ale yeast ferments down to near freezing, I
am curious to know what happens to wort/agar slants of yeast cultures stored
in the fridge.

Presumably, they would happily ferment to depletion and/or till the tube
exlpodes if it is the screw cap type.

Seems like in the best of cases, one would end up with tired out old yeast if
it was stored for more that a couple of weeks.



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