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Subject: maple brew, hops
Date: 1989-10-12 13:10:35 GMT

Mark MacLean writes.
-> I am contemplating creating a beer containing maple syrup, and was
-> wondering if anyone out there has tried and has any experience with
-> it which they would share. Questions I have are:
-> 1) Ale or Lager?
-> 2) How much syrup should be used?
-> 3) What/How much hops should be used in the batch?
Last spring I brewed a mapple syrup ale and it was very nice.
A couple of notes for referance, in the Spring '89 Zymurgy (I think)
there was an article about a maple brew, also in the same issue was
a letter from a reader again about a maple batch both had recipes.
As for my batch I added 1 1/2 pints of fancy grade pure Maine syrup
(since that's what I had in the fridge) to a standard 6# light malt
batch. I don't have with be what I used for hops but I used something
on the lighter side so as to not over power the maple flavor. Although
the resulting ale was very good the maple flavor was missing. The moral
to this story is use more syrup and syrup of a darker grade than I used.
B or even C grade might work out better.

On a different note I have seen and heard conflicting info about the
equivilence of hop pellets versus dried brick packed hops. Is there an
oz for oz substitution or not?

Jim Bauer

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