From the HBD Archive
From: "C. Lyons" <>
Subject: Question on sanitizers.
Date: 1992-07-07 18:34:00 GMT

I have recently moved to a new location and the water here
has a high iron content. I typically use bleach (chlorine)
to sanitize my equipment (bottles, buckets, carboys, etc.)
and now find that iron precipitates out of the water when I
let my equipment sit in the chlorine/water solution. This has
unfortunately resulted in giving some of my equipment redish-brown
stains. I'm calling on the experience of the HBD readers for advise
on alternative sanitizers. In HBD#917 Al Taylor mentioned the use
of B-Brite, and hinted that dishwashing powder is essentially the same
with a small amount of chlorine added. Since I'm trying to avoid
chlorine, I'm asking for advice on another affordable alternative.
I typically buy a gallon of bleach for $0.89. I don't expect
to find such an affordable solution, but would appreciate any
advise on the purchase of non-chlorine based sanitizers (hopefully
in bulk, like Al Taylor's dishwashing powder solution). Any advise
would be greatly appreciated, as I will be ready to bottle a batch
of pale ale in two weeks.

Thanks in advance,
Chris Lyons

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