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From: "Franklin R. Jones" <FRANK@VA5549.Colorado.EDU>
Subject: malts...
Date: 1992-07-08 03:38:58 GMT

I've been a reader of this digest for almost two years, and now seem
to have the space, time and almost the money to set up a brewery kitchen
(in its own room in the garage) to do full mash, all grain brewing.
Most of the reading/research has been confined to Dave Miller's _Complete
Handbook of Home Brewing_, and this Digest. (thanks all!) Dave's book
gave the best information of the 6 or so books I own on brewing.
In the research to undertake this I have come up with a few questions
about malting that I would like more info on:

1> What tempatures are used to make roasted malts? Dave's rather
vague on tempeature's needed to make roasted malts what they are
("roasted at high temperatures..." High? when most temps with regard to
malt rarely exceed the boling point of water, what is high? 250... 400?).
My intrest is in the description he gives of Brown Malt "kilned over a
hardwood fire, which imparts a smokey flavor". As my main focus is Dark
sweet Ales, this would seem useful.

2> He states that this malt (brown malt) is "very hard to find..."
Anyone know if this is still true? Sources?

3> Has anyone out there tried making malts? Any publications on this?

Almost lastly: This digest is in fact the reason, my questions about
"first mash" aren't about the process, but more of the "I wonder" type.
This forum has been an invaluable source of knowledge. (you are all
now obliged to get a cramp in your shoulder, by patting yourselves on
the back.) I'm *sure* I be back to tap the source, in the future.

Lastly: to Jack Schmidling: re: maltmill giveaway... All the systems
/network managers want to thank you for stress testing their mailers.

My system just *loves* processing 4M Homebrew Digests! But Seriously,
Thanks for the offer. A few words of "comfort"? My father, when he
retired, found that he had to retire about four more times over
the next few years from the full time "amusements" he built for
himself. Best of luck.


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