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From: (Craig Vandeventer)
Subject: Adjusting ph of sparge water
Date: 1992-07-08 13:41:24 GMT

I am an extract brewer who is looking into doing full mashes. I have been
reading up on the subject and, even better, reading all the old digests(a gold
mine of info). A couple of posts recently have confused me about the whole
mashing process. As I understand it, adjusting the ph of mash water is so that
the enzymes can convert the maximum amount of starches to sugar. If this is so
(correct me if it is not), after conversion is complete what purpose does
adjusting the ph of the sparge water accomplish? If the enzymes are done why
make the sparge water more acidic? Is there some other _good_ reason for doing

On another topic, I will be traveling to San Diego soon and would like up-to-
date info on brewpubs and bars with great tap beer. I searched through the
old digests and came up with these brewpubs:

Pacific Beach Brewhouse
La Jolla Brewing Co.
Old Columbia Brewing Co.
Mission Brewery

If anyone could send me any more info on these or newer brew pubs it would be
greatly appreciated.

Craig Vandeventer - Reason #326 for drinking homebrew:

"Homebrew beer belches taste better."

P.S. Jack, I just received my KitchenAid grain mill in the mail. If you'll give
me the freebie(if I'm not #100) I'll do a side by side comparison and
post the results here. If I like the Kitchenaid mill better I'll return
yours; otherwise, I'll sell my Kitchenaid mill.

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