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From: (Tony Babinec)
Subject: smoked beers
Date: 1992-07-08 14:22:47 GMT

Liberty Malting of Seattle (see their ads in Zymurgy) carries a rauch
beer malt. Their malts aren't cheap, and unless you're local, you'll
have to have them ship it to you. But, it's an excellent malt. A couple
pounds of it in your favorite recipe will impart a sweet, smoky flavor.

You can smoke malts on your backyard grill. Use hickory, mesquite, or
fruit tree wood such as apple. Wet the grain and dry it over the
charcoal and wood fire. You'll have to turn the grain to dry it
evenly. Those of you who attended AHA National in Milwaukee might
have visited the Chicago Beer Society table or hospitality suite, where
we were serving a Russian Imperial Stout (first runnings) and a Porter
(second runnings) made with some smoked malt.

The commercial Rauch Biers most of us have access to are said to be in
the Vienna style. Some German brewers also make a seasonal smoked Bock.
I also read somewhere in the Michael Jackson Pocket Guide that there
are a number of smoked wheat beers. Other styles that would seem to
benefit from some smoked malt are Scotch Ale, in addition to the
above-mentioned Porter and Russian Imperial Stout styles.

If you're an extract brewer, use a simple partial mash technique and some
smoked barley malt. If you start with some smoked malt, crack it, steep
it, strain the water, and continue with your usual brewing process.

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