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Subject: highly modified malts
Date: 1992-07-08 14:23:02 GMT

On the prompting of local friends, and recent discussion in this forum,
I made a visit to the Sherlock's Home brewpub outside of Mpls.
(interesting that I just *happen* to live here...he..he..) Very, very good....
Very smooth. Perhaps I should visit England some day.....

But I digress. I got hold of the Brewmaster ( great fellow!), and he made
quite a point that they use only English 'highly modified' malt. From Papazian
I understand that this refers to grain that has been allowed to 'sprout' more,
increasing the enzyme content and reducing the starch content (it goes into
forming the rootlets, which are discarded).

Now the question: has anyone out there experimented with USA versus
English malt, and if so can you describe the difference in character
they give to a brew?

The Brewmaster at Sherlock's said forcefully "you CANNOT make english-style
brews using USA malt." Is it the highly modified malt that gives their
brews their smooth character, or is it brewing skill, etc. etc....?
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