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From: (Michael Tighe)
Subject: Re: Homebrew Digest #919 (July 08, 1992)
Date: 1992-07-08 14:01:26 GMT

In Homebrew Digest #919 (8-Jul-92), asks:

> How can one add "body" to a quick mead?

In my experience, adding more honey (two to four pounds per gallon) helps
make the flavor more "real". In addition, remember to skim off the white
and brown foam when it is heating/boiling - that helps keep the taste clean.

I've found that adding bay-leaf and marjoram as spices with some fresh
ginger root and some lemon peel makes a really flavor-ful drink that
doesn't have that "thin-ness" that simple honey/water mix makes.

My basic recipe is lemon peel and ginger, and I've found that it is
refreshing in a "ginger-ale" way, but adding the bay-leaf in small amounts
(one bay-leaf or two per 5-gal batch) adds a "woody" flavor to make it
more beer-like. The marjoram (or rosemary) adds a light flower-scent
which enhances the honey-nature of the drink.

Another way to improve body: use darker honeys - if you use a really dark
honey, such as a "raw" wildflower honey, you can get something like a
"dark" mead.

Good luck!

Michael Tighe, Intermetrics, Inc., Cambridge, MA 02138 (USA)
email: phone: 617-661-1840

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