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Subject: Load of questions...
Date: 1992-07-08 14:32:00 GMT


First of all, this mailing list is awesome. It's the first thing I read
each morning, and makes my day usually.

I am a novice brewer, with about 20 batches under my belt, and am interested
in getting a load of new recipes to try. Does anyone have an archive of
recipes they can send me? Hypercard stacks? I use extracts now, but will
be switching to all-grain next month.

What is a cold break? Hot break?

Why didn't my lager ferment after nearly a month in the fridge? I suspect
that the temperature was around 38-42 degrees in there? Is this too cold?
It's sittin' on the counter now, having fermented at about 70f for a week,
and is finally ready to bottle. Glad I took a "final" gravity after I
took it out of the fridge.

It there anyone else out there who brews 10 gallons at a time? Do you
do anything different because of that?

Is there anyone else in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area reading this?

Thanks for the time and the raffle ticket!

Phil Calvin DoD #242

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