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Subject: Lager yeast not ale
Date: 1992-07-08 17:10:00 GMT

JS writes:
>Based on the accepted fact that ale yeast ferments down to near freezing, I
>am curious to know what happens to wort/agar slants of yeast cultures stored
>in the fridge.
>Presumably, they would happily ferment to depletion and/or till the tube
>exlpodes if it is the screw cap type.

Oops! I think you mean lager yeast, don't you? Most ale yeasts generally
poop-out at about 50F and would probably expire as the temp approaches 32F.

You're right about them fermenting till depletion, though. What's wrong
with that? What you're trying to do, presumably, is to hold on to some
dormant yeast, so you put them at a low temp so that they are relatively
inactive. Autolysis is the great fear here, where the yeast secrete a
chemical that breaks down the cell walls of their surrounding brothers/sisters.
Then, they cannibalize. Ick!


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