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From: (Kevin Yager)
Subject: Unrefrigerated kegs of HB
Date: 1992-07-08 17:28:44 GMT

On Jul 7, 13:44, wrote:
} Brian writes:
} > 5)After tapping how long will the beer stay good? Can you fill the keg
} >with co2 to make it last longer?(Oh, I forgot to mention I don't have the
} >facilitys to keep it cold after tapping.)
} You had better find a way to keep it cold. You also had better buy a CO2
} tank and regulator (it sounds like you don't have one). Refrigerated
} (if you have good sanitation) your kegged beer could stay good for a year.
} Unrefrigerated, well, I wouldn't recommend it.
} > Ok, here is how I plan to cool it. I bought a 20 qt. cooler and 25 ft
} >of stainless steel tubing in a coil that sits inside the cooler.
} > The beer comes from the keg thru a plastic tube to the cooler into a
} >coupler shank into the stainless steel tubing into a faucet and shank set.
} >Wala! beer!
} > I figure 5 min after I place Ice on the coil I should have cold brew in
} >the mug. I'll use silcon to prevent leakage were I drill out the cooler.
} > I have ordered most of the equipment for this project for under $100.00
} >>From SuperiorProducts out of St.Paul Minn.(no affiliation)
} A used chest freezer with a Hunter Airstat thermostat is the best way to go.
} I suspect you will have trouble with carbonation since the solubility of
} CO2 varies greatly with temperature. I've tried dispensing cool beer through
} a jockeybox (what you described) and had a heck of a time getting the CO2
} to stay in the beer.
} Al.
}-- End of excerpt from

Can anyone add to Al's observations on this topic. I plan to start kegging
with my next batch of beer. I don't have a place to keep kegs cold. I
do have a small dorm sized refrigerator which I plan to run some tubing
through. Effectively the same as a "jockeybox".

The kegs will be kept in my cellar at around 65 deg f.

I have always thought that the beer would keep for a time as long as it was
not in contact with air.


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