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Subject: funny smell and strawberries
Date: 1992-07-08 16:56:37 GMT

A couple of questions:

My friend and I made a quicky extract/specialty grain batch on Friday.
We put 1/2 pound of ground chocolate grains in one of my girlfriends
old white nylons and began to heat the water to about 170 F at about
150 F or a little less we noticed this awful plastic like smell that
seemed very wrong and toxic. It eventually went away (we didn't just
get used to the smell we had others come in and smell) when the water
got close to 170 F. The smell seemed to come from the water and not
the nylons (tested by pulling the nylons out of the water and sticking
out noses on them).

Does this type of grain usually produce a disturbing odor in the process
of heating? The grains were a few months old. Does this matter?


When it comes time to bottle, I only want to bottle 3/4 of the batch.
I would like to add strawberries to the remaining 1/4.

Question: Do you think I should just leave the 1/4 in the fermenter along
with the trub and settlement and just add the strawberries to this?
Or Should I rack the 1/4 to a seperate container and then add the
stawberries? (Will there be enough yeast in suspension?)

I have some pectic enzyme--should I use any of this?


Ayudame, lo necesito.


P.S. I dropped a hop pellet in a can of bud and voila-Budweiser with tast

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