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From: (The Rider)
Subject: Ale yeasts at cold temp
Date: 1992-07-08 19:59:27 GMT

Jack writes:

Ale yeast.....

Based on the accepted fact that ale yeast ferments down to near freezing,
am curious to know what happens to wort/agar slants of yeast cultures
in the fridge.

Presumably, they would happily ferment to depletion and/or till the tube
exlpodes if it is the screw cap type.

Seems like in the best of cases, one would end up with tired out old yeast
it was stored for more that a couple of weeks.

Say what? Did you mean Lager yeast here, or is there something I'm not
aware of? In any case, we have taken yeast cake from the bottom of primary
ferment, put it in 12 ounce bottles at about a 50/50 yeast to
semi-fermented wort ratio, and stored these in the fridge for later use.
The longest we ever kept one of these may have been around 6 weeks, but it
certainly took off like a banshee. Only in one instance did the yeast not
take off after being stored in such a manner, and that was stored
substantially longer, I believe.

As far as tired old yeast goes, well, how would the yeast you're proposing
to freeze be worse off than something you find at the bottom of a bottle of
Sierra Nevada? In either case, you need to allow the yeast to build up its
cell walls again before you expect it to go to work for you. :)


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Michael Fetzer
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