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From: (The Rider)
Subject: San Diego Brewpubs
Date: 1992-07-09 11:56:57 GMT

Oh oh oh me! me! me! Finally a topic I'm an expert on... :*)

>On another topic, I will be traveling to San Diego soon and would like up-to- date info on brewpubs and bars with great tap beer. I searched through the old digests and came up with these brewpubs:

>Pacific Beach Brewhouse
>La Jolla Brewing Co.
>Old Columbia Brewing Co.
>Mission Brewery

PB: Nice atmosphere, but lately the beer is lousy. I've stopped going
there, since I was sorely disappointed with things last time. It's close to
the beach, I'd recommend stopping by for a pint of Stout, and *do* let me
know if they improved things.

LJB: My absolute favorite in town. Great atmosphere (not many yuppies)
Excellent porter, and a wonderful happy hour 4-6 M-F, $5 pitchers! Great

Callanhans: a bit like a dungeon... not impressed with their bitters (but
then I'm racist when it comes to beer... I'm into the black stuff, which
they were out of) They serve non micro brewed beers there, too, just in
case you can't handle their own.

Old Columbia: Haven't been there in a long time, I must admit. Yuppie city,
since it's close to downtown. Bring a white shirt and red tie. Their beers:
generally a light, an amber, and a dark. I'v never been impressed with the
light and dark, but the amber is quite good.

Mission Brewery: went bankrupt before they ever opened. Nice building, tho.

Others you didn't mention:

Brewskie's: Again, yuppie at hell. It's around 4th and G, but don't quote
me. Beers are ok, their stout is nice. They also have a happy hour on about
the same terms as LJB.

The Red Kettle? I think that's what it's called, in Encinitas. Well, they
were out of everything the day I went there, and I haven't gone back. They
do have Anchor (I think!) Porter on tap, so that saved the day. Other than
that, hm... somehow it was lacking atmosphere, but I have friends that
quite like the place and were surprised the day I went, at how different
things are from normal.

Overall, LJB takes the cake. Be there any Friday around 5, find me, and
I'll buy you a beer. :)

I'm the guy at the table with the 3 pitchers of porter... Seriously...
email me if you make it down here on the weekend, we're always down there,
and I'd like to meet some of these HBD folk.


- --
Michael Fetzer
Internet: uucp: ...!ucsd!mfetzer

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