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From: Glenn Colon-Bonet <gcb@hpfigcb>
Subject: Not-so-orange Honey Lager
Date: 1989-10-13 15:26:06 GMT


Recently, I tried a variation of the Crystal Honey Lager
recipe from CJOHB by adding the peels from 5 oranges to
the boiling wort. I boiled 4 of the peels for 30 min, and
added the last orange during the last 5 minutes of the boil.
The batch had a wonderful orange aroma during the boil and
througout fermentation, but when I tasted the first bottle
of it yesterday, it has absolutely no orange aroma or flavor!
The beer has a slight bitterness, but you'd be pretty hard
pressed to identify it as orange. I was wondering if
anyone has succesfully used oranges in recipes and what
amounts and procedures were used. For this recipe I was
shooting for the light honey lager with a nice orange aroma
and a subtle orange flavor.

While we're on the subject of strange brews, anyone ever
tried adding sasafras root to a recipe? I'll know in
about 3 weeks how it tastes!


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