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From: smith%8616.span@Fedex.Msfc.Nasa.Gov (Vote Libertarian in '92!)
Subject: Short Fermentation Mead
Date: 1992-07-09 13:52:45 GMT

Somebody whose name I deleted wrote something like:
>I'm looking for short-fermentation mead recipes.

Check Dave Miller's Handbook of Home Brewing for a "mead ale" recipe.
The recipe I use, which is strictly experimental (but I like it) is:
5-7 lb honey (usually the stuff from Sam's in the 1/2 gal. jug)
2 cracked cinnamon sticks
20 cracked allspice
other flavorings like ginger, hops, orange peel, nutmeg etc.
maybe a couple pounds fruit
Edme ale yeast
My hypothesis, which has a little data to support it, is that boiling
the honeywort reduced fermentation time (while also removing a lot of
the honey essence, I imagine). Note that the above is a 5 gal. batch.
I don't have a hydrometer so I can't guess the OG or FG, but this
stuff is pretty thin (see my plea for ideas a couple of HBD's ago).
Fermentation takes 2-3 weeks, sometimes I rack, sometimes not. Basically
I don't put much effort into this stuff; hell, it's 97 degrees here and
I'm not running my AC enough to get the temperature down past 80, so why
try to make anything award-winning when it's doomed to failure?

Another note: Some people recommend using champagne yeast for mead. I
have used Red Star champagne yeast twice. Once the nasty taste went
away after 4 months; the second try is still nasty after that long. No
infection (at least no obvious one), just an unpleasant taste.

Please, improve on my methods here, I'd love to get a better product for
not much more work....

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