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From: scojam@scojam.Auto-trol.COM (Scott James.)
Subject: Questions...
Date: 1992-07-09 15:44:54 GMT

I've been brewing for about a year now and have a few questions:

1) What is a "Stuck Mash" ? Is this while sparging the lauter tun gets
clogged and sweet wort can no longer flow?

2) Thanks to Tom Kalterbach for the Wyeast info! Does anyone have Hops info?

3) Please explain the value of using IBU's while bittering. I guess there
is a standard range for different varieties of brew?

4) I've done some all grain brewing and my last bath used a yeast I cultured
from a "Fat Tire Ale" from a microbrewery in Ft. Collins, Colorado.
Do you think as a next step from extract brewing it's wise to pursue
all-grain mashing or using Wyeast (I've never used Wyeast, but it sounds
like it can make a BIG difference) ?

5) Did I win the Malt-Mill ?

Thanks in advance for any and all answers/opinions!

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Scott James (N0LHX) scojam@Auto-Trol.COM
Auto-Trol Technology Tools Group
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