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From: (Tony Babinec)
Subject: Re: modified malts and British beers (fwd)
Date: 1992-07-09 16:21:17 GMT

Hi again! Offline, Cush Hamlen indicated that he was interested in
differences in flavor and character.

To be clear, many U.S. malts are highly modified.

As for character or flavor, try chewing on some grain! Maris Otter malt,
used at Young's, is often described as having a "nutty" character. British
crystal malts also have a very distinctive flavor. Maris Otter crystal malt,
available from Liberty Malting in Seattle, has an 80 Lovibond color and
a very sweet, caramel-like aroma. Likewise, something I bought from the
local shop labeled British Cara-Pils had a nice caramel or toffee-ish
aroma. All barleys are not alike. Objectively, they differ in measures
that homebrewers are usually not concerned with, such as protein and
nitrogen content, diastatic power, and the like.

Coors uses a Moravian strain that is one of the most prized, but has a
different character than pale ale malts.

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