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From: (Tony Long)
Subject: Al's Jockeybox
Date: 1992-07-09 16:26:09 GMT

In reply to Russell Owen who referred to Al's jockeybox:

"I suspect you will have trouble ... since the solubility of
CO2 varies greatly with temperature," saying that he had
trouble keeping the cold beer carbonated.

I don't believe Russell understands the problem. The idea of the
jockeybox is that the keg is kept at room temperature and beer is cooled
while being dispensed. I have found the cooling works great, but the
dispensed beer looses much of its carbonation! I have found that if there
is enough pressure in the keg for dispensed beer to remain at "acceptable"
levels of carbonation, then the beer is jetted out. As I live in the
central valley with day temperatures well over 90 this problem has become
especially acute of late. If your keg is at cellar temperature and you
only want to boost the cooling this sort of set-up seems to work OK.
This brings up a second point. As I live in an apartment and have no
room for a second fridge ... does anyone have any alternate ideas that
would allow the cooling of kegged beer. Once one has grown accustomed to
kegging it is difficult to return to washing bottles. Perhaps J.S. in his
great supportiveness of clever inventions will offer a suitable prize to
the individual who can design a suitable beastie : )
Tony Long

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