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Subject: Bottling my cyser
Date: 1992-07-09 16:32:00 GMT


I've been meaning to ask a question for a while now, and JS's
raffle finally motivated me to ask. ;-)

My cyser (fermented apple juice and honey) has been sitting in a secondary
for almost 7 months (!), and I think it should be ready for bottling now.
A couple weeks ago, I took a teensie weensie taste (I hate to risk
contamination and all, but I was dying for a taste). Going down, this
stuff feels like Southern Comfort, it's got so much alcohol!. Now I realize
that it's not more than 12 - 14 % alcohol, but WHAT A KICK! I've read that
frequently, spices can be added to a mead at bottling time, so my question
to all the experienced mead makers is this: Is there something I can add
that might reduce the burning quality? (Or will it go away by itself?) Is
this a common characteristic of a mead? I'm almost ashamed to admit it,
but the first mead I've ever tasted was this one, so I don't know what to
compare it with.


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