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Subject: Brewpubs in Maryland
Date: 1989-10-12 18:48:39 GMT

>From The Washington Post (sometime around October 10th):

"The baseball season may be over in Baltimore but Oriole fans and beer lovers
can share another favorite American blast from the past until opening dayrolls around again next spring--drinking beer freshly brewed on the premises.

Sisson's restaurant on East Cross Street, a few blocks from the Inner Harbor,
has become the first brewpub in Maryland. Sisson's is serving golden and amberales, along with its existing list of about 60 specialty beers and a menu that features Cajun and Creole dishes and fresh seafood.

The modern, postprohibition brewpub trend started on the West Coast in the
early '80s and now there are more than 120 in North America, primarily on the
West Coast. There is one brewpub in Virginia, the Blue Ridge Brewery of
Charlottesville, but none in the district [District of Columbia], where they
are illegal.

Sisson's will have some competition next month when the Baltimore Brewing
Company is scheduled to open on Albemarle Street. The BBC brewpub, to be ownedand operated by members of Europe's Grolsch brewing family, will be a
German-style restaurant and serve a lager beer."

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