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Subject: Low alcohol beer (oh no, not again!)
Date: 1992-07-09 16:44:00 GMT

Durn it, I forgot to ask one other question:

Some time ago, we had a rather heated discussion about making low alcohol
beers. Other than antagonizing everyone, we concluded that JS's method of
heating a fermented beer might/might not work. My question is not related
to the heat treatment- we've been through that a little too much. I just
want to know, out of curiosity (I am a chemical engineer, after all) what
is the process that Anheuser, Miller, Coors, etc. use to make Cutter et al.?

Do they use a "genetically altered" yeast, which is able to eat maltose and
produce CO2 without producing EtOH? (I really have a hard time believing
this one.) Do they use vacuum distillation? The only other possiblity
that I see is separating EtOH from the beer by using osmotic pressure
through a semipermeable membrane. To me, the first seems impossible, and
the last two seem rather expensive.

Thanks for satisfying my curiosity,
Chuck "When I stop learning, bury me"
- a wise brewer in the HBD

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