From the HBD Archive
From: "John Cotterill" <>
Subject: Blueberry Beer, Keg Scratches
Date: 1992-07-09 17:30:17 GMT

Hey Gang! A couple of quick questions for you all.

1) Does anyone have a good recipe for Blueberry beer? There is a local
contest coming up that features fruit beers, and I would like to brew one
up. An all grain recipe is preferable, but a good extract recipe would be ok.

2) I keg my beer using soda kegs, and I also ferment in soda kegs. I recently
finished a ferment and discovered that I could not clean all of the crud
(left behind) off of the keg using a 24hour soak in TSP followed by a sponge
bath. The sponge that I was using had one of those green abrasive pads on
it so I used it. It cleaned the stuff off without any troubles at all.
However, after examining the inside of the keg, I could see patchy sections
of small scratches where I used the pad. The scratches are definitely small
(I can't feel them with my finger, or finger nail). But, I was concerned that
these may be a place that little nasties may take up residence and trash the
next brew I ferment in this keg. Does anyone have any idea if I really need
to be concerned about this? If it is a problem, can I fix the keg (steel
wool - very fine grade maybe)? Hopefully the scratches simply indicate an
area where the surface 'polish' is different....

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