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Subject: Success Re-using yeast cake - WOW!
Date: 1992-07-09 17:55:00 GMT

I just started a batch last night using the "pour the wort on the cake
of yeast from the previous batch" method.

First batch:
2 cans (3.3 lbs each) Munton & Fison Light Extract
2 oz Fuggles pellets (boil)
2 oz Cascades whole hops (dry)
Wyeast London Ale (#1028, I think...)
5.5 gal. batch

Second batch:
1 can (3.3 lbs) M+F Amber Hopped Extract
1 can (3.3 lbs) M+F Dark Hopped Extract
1 oz Northern Brewer whole hops (dry)
Poured on cake from batch above
5.5 gal. batch

The second batch took off like nothing I've ever seen before.
Overnight, the lock was going like crazy - about 5 glugs/second. At
this rate, it should ferment in about 2 days!

I went from a lighter beer to darker in this case; I would guess this
would be better than trying to go the other way (to avoid any flavors
from the stronger beer being left for the lighter beer).

Anyway, thanks to the HBD for this great suggestion. It's easy to
bottle while boiling one batch, and you get to re-use the Wyeast for a
small savings.

Steve Casagrande

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