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From: Rick Myers <>
Subject: Colorado Brewers Festival
Date: 1992-07-09 19:56:17 GMT

Subject: Colorado Brewers Festival - Review

Well, nobody's mentioned anything about the Colorado Brewers Festival
held in Fort Collins, CO held this past June 27, so here's a review (it's also
an entry in the WORLD'S GREATEST GIVEAWAY!).

This was the third annual festival, held in Old Town Square. The organizers
are finally figuring out how to do it right. Last year, it was crammed into
a small area and was a madhouse. This year, they closed off a section of the
street downtown and put the serving lines there. Much better. You could
actually get a beer in under 5 minutes, compared to 20-30 last year. The food
vendors were in a separate area from the beer serving lines.

The beer selection, well, how should I put it, SUCKED. Each brewery was
limited to 1 beer, and most of them were lighter beers (last year they could
bring whatever they wanted to). I'm a stout/porter drinker, and I was hard
pressed to find anything close to the style I like. The darkest I could find
was "Black Bear Porter" from the San Juan Brewing Company. I could see
daylight through it, so my craving for diluted malt syrup was not satisfied!
I was happy to see the serving lines for Anheuser-Busch and Coors were the
shortest, people were going for the beers with more flavor (America is
being educated?).

Several live bands performed. The more I drank, the better they sounded.

You bought a mug for $1.00. Tokens for 6-ounce servings were $1.00 each.

Overall, the quality of beers was quite high, some had minor problems, but
I still had a great time. A list of breweries and beers follows:

Anheuser-Busch Bud Dry
H.C. Berger Brewing Indigo Ale
Boulder Beer/Wilderness Pub Boulder Amber
Breckenridge Brewpub Avalanche
Carver's Bakery/Cafe Brewery Raspberry Wheat
Champion Brewing Irish Red Ale
CooperSmith's Pub & Brewing Dunkelweizen
Coors Coors Dry
Durango Brewing Co. Durango Dark Lager
Flying Dog Brewpub Doggie Style
Hubcap Brewery Summer Celebration
Idle Spur Crested Butte Red Lady
Judge Baldwin's/Kelley Brewing Amber
New Belgium Brewing Co. Fat Tire Ale
Oasis Brewery Capstone ESB
Odell Brewing Co. Fest Ale
Rock Bottom Brewery Red Rocks
San Juan Brewing Black Bear Porter
The Walnut Brewery Jazzberry
Wynkoop Brewing Co. Elvis Brau
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Rick Myers
Colorado Telecommunications Division

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