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Subject: 1993 Conference, maltmill
Date: 1992-07-09 20:03:00 GMT

1993 Conference:

I read in the last Zymurgy that the 1993 conference will be moved into
August so as to be around the same time as the Oregon Brewer's Festival.
Recently, I read here that the Festival is in July this year. So, does
anyone have the real poop on this coordination effort ?
Are both events going to be held within the same week or what ?


I purchased a maltmill a few months ago and have used it in about 10 batches
of all grain. I think these 3 statements sum up the pros of the product:

1. My extract efficiency went up around 4 points per pound.
2. I had an astringency problem with most of my previous batches. I attributed
this to a poor crush with too much powder. Alas, I cound never rid myself
of the powder without leaving 1/2 of the grain untouched. So far, all 5
batches tasted have lacked this bitterness.
3. I can crush my grain bill 75 % faster than with a Corona (I sold it to a

The cons ?

1. I have a hard time catching the crushed grain as it leaves the mill. I
have to wrap the entire unit inside a plastic bag. I need to fabricate
some kind of chute to direct the grain to a receptacle.
2. Sometimes, a piece of grain goes in funny and pushes the 2 rollers apart
to the point where they stop making contact. I have to reverse direction
for 1/2 a turn and then continue.

All in all, I think the mill is great. I bought the roller spacing option
which allows you to vary the space between the rollers for tweaking. I
recommend against it. I suspect the problem I have with intermittent slipping
is somehow related. In the right hands, I imagine you could do wonders with
the option, but I think it works fine without it. I've crushed Briess Wheat,
Briess Klages, Briess Crystal, Munton & Fison ale lager and specialty malts
without moving the rollers and gotten terrific results. The couple of times
I attempted adjustment were disasters (for me, anyway).

Congratulations on a great product, Jack.

Mark Nevar

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