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From: adiron!Email@uunet.UU.NET, Harlequin@uunet.UU.NET
Subject: Keg priming questions
Date: 1992-07-09 14:50:56 GMT

Now I've done it! It seems I've slightly over-primed my first (Cornelius)
keg of beer. I went and used 2/3 C dextrose before bothering to read the
TCJOHB appendix on kegging. What's my best bet for reducing the resulting
carbonation level in the keg? Should I bother?

The beer, a coriander/orange brew, has been under 10 psi of CO2 at about
60-65F for a week now. Should I bleed off some of the CO2 in the headspace
to allow more of the dissolved CO2 to come out of solution? Should I chill
the keg down first? Should I forget it and simply serve it good and cold
to keep the CO2 in solution?

The recent posts regarding kegging have been most helpful. Any further
tips would also be greatly appreciated. Sure beats the heck out of

On a related question, how does one use the CO2 table (plotting volumes of
CO2 in beer as a function of PSI and temperature) found in the LISTSERV

Yours in brewing,
Scott Barrett

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