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From: (Michael Bergman)
Subject: Re: Not-so-orange Honey Lager
Date: 1989-10-16 13:39:52 GMT

Glenn Colon-Bonet writes:

I boiled 4 of the peels for 30 min, and
added the last orange during the last 5 minutes of the boil.
The batch had a wonderful orange aroma during the boil and
througout fermentation, but when I tasted the first bottle
of it yesterday, it has absolutely no orange aroma or flavor!

I have not brewed with orange peel, but I have cooked with it,
and I would say that the mistake was in adding it to the boil at all.
Orange peel has a bitter oil in it, which is long lasting, and the
delightful orange aroma, which is fleeting. I'd think that the
"wonderful orange aroma during the boil" was *all* of the aroma, being
driven off. Also, the white part of the peel has only bitterness,
only the orange part has that smell/flavor characterised as "orange."

So I would recomend carefully cutting off just the outermost
layer of the peel, keeping the pieces as large as possible without
including any of the white, and then experimenting with dipping it
into the pot in a spice bag during the last minute of the boil, then
removing it, or adding it to the primary or secondary fermenter and
not boiling it at all.

--mike bergman
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