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From: (Michael L. Hall)
Subject: Guinness Story
Date: 1992-07-09 23:39:06 GMT

My wife was in DC recently, and when she called back to ask
if there was anything there that I wanted her to bring back,
my mind immediately turned to beer (at least metaphorically).

I remembered reading in a recent HBD that DC was one of the
test markets for Pub Draught Guinness in a can (I had tried
one earlier that I managed to snag in San Francisco), so I
remarked that a can or two of that delicious stuff (see note
at end) might be nice, if she could swing it. New Mexico is
not a thriving distribution center for odd beers.

Well, I didn't think much more of it until she got home and
I found out that she had brought me --- not a can --- not
two cans --- but a CASE of Pub Draught Guinness!! I was

It turns out that she had done it the easiest way possible:
she just checked the whole case as luggage. She figured that,
since it was in cans, it would probably be okay. Anyway, if
a few cans did break, the majority would be okay and the
hassle factor would be minimized.

Well, the whole case made it to our house okay, and I am now
(figuratively) sitting on what is in all probability the
only case of Pub Draught Guinness in New Mexico. They taste
excellent, with no signs of travel fatigue. What a wonderful
wife I have! And she doesn't even like stout! (You all have
permission to show this to your wives for inspiration :-)

Mike Hall

Note: For those of you that don't know, the Guinness people
have been working on a way to distribute their draught version
(which is significantly different from their bottled version)
easily. Their draught version is "carbonated" with nitrogen,
giving it extremely small bubbles and a very creamy head that
lasts until the end of the beer. They finally came up with a
way that uses a little plastic insert filled with nitrogen
inside a can of beer, with a little hole to let the nitrogen
squirt out when the can is opened. It tastes very similar to
the draught version. I love it --- it's almost like chocolate
milk with a kick. There was a long article in the HBD on it
around the time it first came out; check your archives if
you want further info.

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