From the HBD Archive
From: (Brian Bliss)
Subject: Re: Do specialty grains need to be mashed?
Date: 1992-07-10 01:40:39 GMT

> As I understand it, specialty grains do not need to be mashed.

Personally, I think all grains need to be mashed. For a partial
mash, If you're just using .5-1 lb of crystal malt or other specialty
grain, you can just add an oz. or two of amylaze enzyme and leave the
wort at 150F for 20 minutes (based on experience this seems to work).
Otherwise, you need to have 50% lager malt (or more pale ale than that)
to provide the appropriate enzymes for starch conversion. (as per
TCHOHB, aka. Miller).

Make quite certain that you get as much grain as possible out before
boosting the temp above 170F, or you will be rewarded with an astringent
taste that takes a long time at cold temps to mellow.

Many people think that It's alright just to steep the grain, and
you're more than welcome to disagree with me. It certainly
doesn't ruin the beer if you do (steep the grain).


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