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Subject: Ale Yeast
Date: 1992-07-10 01:57:00 GMT

In the last week I have brewed a Cherry-Honey-Weiss beer from grain.
My recipe looks like this:

6# 2 Row English Pale Malt
4# Malted Wheat
Gypsum (for adjusting PH)
Irish Moss (Clarity)
10.5# Cherries
1# Honey
1 oz Saaz Hops - Boiling
1/4 oz Saaz Hops - Finishing

I mashed using 10 qts at 140 F strike heat for a protein rest at 130 F.
Then added an additional 5 qts at 200 F to bring to a starch conversion
at 150 F raised to 158 F, with a mash-out at 168 F. Sparged with 5 gallons
of water at 168 F recovering over 6.5 - 7 gallons. Boiled for two hours.
Chilled down to about 70 F, pitched yeast. OG=1.040 at 70F. After two
days FG=1.060 and still bubbling. I racked off the trub (a little late
granted) onto 10.5# of frozen/macerated cherries. In addition, I added
1# of honey (boiled with about 1 pint of water). After this point, I saw
no more activity w.r.t. fermentation. I tried adding some yeast energizer
and extra packet of dried yeast with no success. I believe at least two things
could have happened:

1. The frozen cherries chilled the fermenting liquid down to a temperature
level below that where ale is productive or active.

2. The freezing of cherries does not thoroughly eliminate the bacteria and wild
yeasts that I had tried to freeze out.

I had sampled some opinion from several people on the digest and many said that
freezing the fruit is an effective means of killing the un-wanteds. Has
anybody else got any experience or advice? The batch does not taste bad
although the cherry taste is none to prominent.

Frank Dobner

PS; I must say that these whole grain batches sure make me enjoy extract brewing
since I finished this one at 3:15 am. I slept happily though.

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