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From: (John Hartman)
Subject: re: Oats
Date: 1992-07-09 15:58:49 GMT

In digest #919, Russ talks about brewing with Oats and Flaked Barey and
Wheat. Russ, I'd like a slight clarification regarding your treatment of
oats. Are you saying that oats, such as Old-Fashioned Quaker
Oats, should be boiled prior to mashing?

My understanding was that flaked grains were pressed between
hot rollers which ends up cooking the grain. As a result, flaked
barley does not need special treatment prior to the mash. I.e.,
just add it along with the rest of the dried grains.

I'm not a true stout drinker but my girlfriend is. So I've been
trying to make a good oatmeal stout. I used 1 lb. uncooked
Quaker Quick Oats last time. It imparted little (no?) flavor
or character to the beer. This time I used 1 lb. Quaker Old-Fashioned
Oats which had been cooked to a nice gelatinous goo. Am I on the
right track or would you suggest I do it differently? Also is
this the right choice for oats, i.e., Old-Fashioned Oats?

Thanks in advance,

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