From the HBD Archive
From: (donald oconnor)
Subject: Kegging
Date: 1992-07-10 14:05:33 GMT

Kegged beer will of course keep just as long if not longer at room
temperature as bottled beer. Crown caps leak; a well-sealed keg
does not and this is why the kegged beer may keep longer.

The notion that o-rings from a used soda keg must be replaced because
the soda syrup has impregnated the rubber is a myth for the most part.
Sugars and flavor components will come out or off of the o-rings simply
by soaking in water. The only way in which these things would be
permanently impregnated is if there were some actual chemical bonding
between the rubber and the stuff. this seems most unlikely.

Additionally, since the o-rings are not in contact with the beer then
the idea that even some minute residual odor will destroy the flavor
profile of a malty beer seems very unlikely.

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