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From: (Mitch Gelly)
Subject: raspberry beer
Date: 1992-07-09 19:36:16 GMT


The raspberries here (WI) are near ripe, and the time has come to formulate a
recipe to utilize them. I'm not looking to make a framboise lambic, just a
good raspberry beer. I've seen a few good recipes in CM2 and pretty much know
whats going into it, but my concern is when to add the fresh fruit? There seem
to be a few schools of thought here:

1) add the fruit (pureed, whatever) at the end of the boil, steep 'em for
x minutes, dump everything in the primary.

2) add the fruit to the secondary.

3) both, ~75% primary, ~25% secondary.

If you add the fruit to the end of the boil, won't you lose a lot of the
aromatics, and won't most of its sweetness ferment out in the primary? And if
you add to the secondary, how do you "sanitize" fresh fruit? Is "sanitized"
fruit even a concern in the secondary, since the yeast already has a strong
foothold _and_ alcohol is present?

And last of all, am I the 100th posting? ;-> :-D d8=

If any of you (and I'm sure there are) have made fruit beers, clue me in. I
have fantasized about raspberry beer all year. If I can get enough berries, I
also plan on also doing a mead (melomel) using them. Post here or reply
personal, your choice. Thanks much.

I'll let you all know how it turns out.

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