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From: (David Resch)
Subject: Campden Tablets
Date: 1992-07-10 15:04:30 GMT

I recently made a mead in which I wanted to keep as much of the honey aroma as
possible. I therefore used sulfite (campden tablets) rather than boiling
to keep the nice honey aroma. Unfortunately, I looked at a wine book that
suggested 2 tablets per gallon for the initialial sulfiting of the "must".

Well, this was too much for the mead, as it killed several pitchings of
yeast. Finally, I ended up boiling the mead anyway to try to drive off some
of the SO2. After 2 more yeast pitchings, it took off and has been fermenting
just fine for several weeks now. If anyone else wants too use sulfite to keep
the volatiles in the mead, I STRONGLY suggest no more than one tablet per

Now my question: In the Lambic book by Guinard, he talks about certain sulfite
concentrations for sanitizing barrels, etc. Since I don't have an accurate
scale available to me, I was wondering if anyone knew the approximate sulfite
concentration when one Campden tablet is dissolved in 1 gallon of liquid?

OK, I admit it, I really do want to know the answer to my question, but the
timing of the request is a blatent attempt at winning a malt mill, since I'm
thinking about buying one anyway...


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