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From: (Keith Winter)
Subject: Keeping Extract
Date: 1992-07-10 15:31:09 GMT

In HBD #921 Jane Lawrance writes:
>Subject: Extracts
> I have recently come across a number of recipes I'd like to try
>that use amounts of extracts that are less than a standard can.
>... (deleted)
> So, my question is:
> 1. Does the stuff keep? If I were to open a can and only
>use half of it, how do I store the rest? I don't have enough
>equipment to create more than one batch at a time.
> 2. What's the best way to measure it? Warm it first to
>get it a bit less (more?) . . . um . . . viscous (right? the discussion
>on viscosity vs. SG was interesting, but I'm not sure I got it all)?
>Pour it into a bowl and weigh it on a kitchen scale? Sticky, I would
>think, but not impossible. Does anybody have an easier way?

I keep a plastic canister of dried malt extract around for many of reasons,
such as for adding a little to a recipe to boost the OG, but I mainly keep
it for the the purposes of making a starter solution for a yeast culture.
The DME is much more easy to deal with than liquid and keeps a loooonnnnggg
time if it is sealed. Tupperware (TM) works well for the purpose. You can
measure with a measuring cup, estimating the weight or actually weighing it
on a scale. I just "guesstimate" and seem to have good results.

You mighe want to give DME a try.


Keith Winter

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