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From: Jerry Godes <>
Subject: Re: possible trouble with priming step
Date: 1989-10-17 09:29:50 GMT

Here goes for my first time posting to this newsletter...

Although I'm still a beginner in the home-brewing arena, I think I
understand what's going on with the yeasties and bottling. The sludge
at the bottom of the fermentor (pardon me for not using the technical
name for it), is just excess yeast. There is plenty of yeast suspended
in the beer itself, just waiting for some more sugar to start gobbling.
These yeasties in solution, then have a field-day, and reproduce some
more, causing another sedimentation layer to form in the bottom of the

So, as I understand it, you don't want to get any of the sludge from
the bottom of the fermentor into the bottles (of course not getting any
doesn't really work in practice, but you get the drift).

Hope that helps. I'm sure if I've made any mistakes in my description,
someone more knowing will correct me...

Jerry Godes
CommToolbox Janitor
Communications Product Development
Apple Computer, Inc.

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