From the HBD Archive
From: (Brian Bliss)
Subject: mashing specialty grains (more)
Date: 1992-07-10 16:18:59 GMT

>I tend to start with the specialty grains (ex. crystal malt) in a gallon or
>so of cold water, slowly bring the water up to boiling, and remove the
>grains from the water just before the boil (or at ~180 degrees if I happen
>to have the thermometer handy).
>My question: how does mashing the specialty grains change their contribution
>to the brew vs. using the procedure I've described (and usually use)?

Yes. Using the procedure you describe, they will not contribute any
significant sugars to the wort, whereas they will if you mash them.
As for the amount they (ideally) contribute, Miller has a table
in TCHoHB listing figures for various grains, though most people
only acheive 80%-90% of the ideal.


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