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From: (Brian Bliss)
Subject: Malt Extract
Date: 1992-07-10 16:34:48 GMT

> So, my question is:
> 1. Does the stuff [Malt Extract] keep? If I were to open a can and only
>use half of it, how do I store the rest? I don't have enough
>equipment to create more than one batch at a time.
> 2. What's the best way to measure it? Warm it first to
>get it a bit less (more?) . . . um . . . viscous (right? the discussion
>on viscosity vs. SG was interesting, but I'm not sure I got it all)?
>Pour it into a bowl and weigh it on a kitchen scale? Sticky, I would
>think, but not impossible. Does anybody have an easier way?

Just put saran wrap over it, and store it in a cool place, or
seal it in an air-tight container. Mold will probably develop
on the surface over the period of a few months. Just skim off
the mold before using it, and/or strain out the chunks that make
it into the boil.

As for measuring it, I have an old can that had 3.3 lb of extract
in it, and I just guesstimate.

If you warm the extract, it becomes less viscuous.

> On another note, I was happily washing bottles last Sunday and
>allowed the dreaded boilover to occur. This one was a beaut (and
>what a waste of perfectly good wort :-( ). Does anybody have a good
>way to clean those burner pans and rings? The SOS pad didn't get it
>all, and I got real tired of scrubbing.

If you add amylase enzyme to the wort and keep it at 150F for
10-20 minutes, the tendency to boil over is reduced (It's on
par with all-grain batches).


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