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From: (dave ballard)
Subject: re: goldfinch
Date: 1992-07-10 17:09:00 GMT

geoff woods writes:

Date: 8 Jul 92 17:05:33 EDT (Wed)
>From: GC Woods <>
>Subject: Hunter Mt. Beer festival, New Goldfinch Amber Beer

>Also I read an article about a new brew being offered in NJ - Goldfinch
>Amber Beer - by the Goldfinch Brewing Company in Mt. Laurel. The picture
>shows the beer in a 12oz bottle, so I am assuming it must be a contract
>beer. Has anyone tried this beer or know who brews it?

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i write-

a couple of people brough some goldfinch to our 4th of july picnic.
it's pretty nice stuff, good balance leaning towards hops. it's an
amberish color and looked like the stoud's fest ale that we were drinking.
it's contracted out to the lion brewery in wilkes-barre, pa. here's
what jackson has to say on lion:

Old-established brewery in Wilkes-Barre, Penn. Products
include _Stegmaier 1857_ (**), a super-premium lager with a
hint of new-mown hay in the nose and a hoppy finish, and
_Stegmaier Porter_ (**->***), once said to contain licorice
which it no longer does, but still tastes of it (a small
proportion of molasses is used, perhaps that is the tang?).
The brewery has also produced a cherry beer, an oatbran lager
(for the health-freak market), and a gin-flavored malt
liquor, _Sting Ray_.

hmm, i don't know about that gin-flavored malt liquor, yuk. i would
recommend the goldfinch, though, it's pretty good...

see ya

dave ballard "Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here we should dance."

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