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From: (Thomas D. Feller)
Subject: egs
Date: 1992-07-10 17:25:12 GMT

As a fairly new keg user I thought I would add my $0.02 worth about kegs and

I now have 4 soda kegs and use them for both primary and secondary fermentation.
In two of the kegs I have short (~1 in) copper caps on the bottom of the pick-up
tubes, the caps keep me from pulling up alot of yeast from the bottom of the
keg, these are my primary tanks. After three to five days in the primary I
transfer to the secondary and let the beer ferment out. In both the primary and
secordary I use blow off hoses. I then prime with corn suger as usual and let
it condition as needed. I have let stouts condition up to 6 months without any
refrigeration. Kegs should work just like bottles, if properly sealed and
unopened they can last for months with no problems. If you want to force
carbonation or counter-pressure bottle you must to have a refrigerator, the beer
must be cold (30-40 degF) in order the get the co2 into the beer. I just pick-up
a good used regfrigerator for $ 25, it is not pretty but work just fine. Last
winter I just kept my drinking kegs in the garage and they stayed about the
right temperature for drinking but with the warmer weather this no longer works.
I do not filter my beer yet but I would like to add this option, as I
understand it is quite simple to construct a filter using a water type filter
housing and 0.5 micron filter. There are a number of very good articles in
Zymurgy about most of this stuff, if you anyone wants these e-mail me and I'll
pass on the info. A last piont about tanks my first tank was a 2.5 lb tank and I
got two or three batches out of one fill, this included transfering, drinking
and cleaning. I bought this tank used with a current hydro-test ( all co2 tanks
must have current hydro-testing to be filled) for $ 30 for a fire e, I just got
a 20 lb tank for $20 from a scrap guy but it must be hydro-test at a cost of
about $20 before I can fill it.

In short I love my kegs and my total cost so far I only have less than $ 150 in
the whole set-up including the refrigerator.

Tom Feller

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